Tearing Down I-280 Freeway In SF Could Be ‘Game Changer’ For Commuters, Real Estate

By Phil Matier : cbslocal – excerpt

San Francisco Mayor Lee Pushing Plan to Tear Down Portion of I-280

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— In what at least one city official calls, “A big game changer,” San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee is shopping plans to tear down Interstate 280 at Mission Bay.

Those who are behind the plan are touting a potential eased flow of traffic in the area, as well as more room for development between Potrero Hill and some of the city’s southern parts. Another idea is to put a tunnel underneath AT&T Park for high speed rail to head downtown.

It’s a complete remake of the southern part of San Francisco and it would change travel times for a lot of people who end up going to Giants games, or the Warriors if they ever arrive in San Francisco. This is more than just putting traffic down on the surface at 16th street, but it would reconfigure the railroad tracks so that they’d run in a tunnel under 3rd Street, past the proposed Warriors Arena, past the tech and UCSF presence and under AT&T Park to the new Transbay Transit Center.

It’s a pretty dramatic plan, but I’m not sure the peninsula train service [Caltrain] is all that crazy about it, because it would mean losing their rail yard at 4th and King streets… (more)

Just when you thought they couldn’t do anything worse, they out do themselves with yet another bad idea. Do we want another game changer? There are three other people running for Mayor that I know of. Let’s see if we can do better. Do we want to be jerked around by the SFMTA? And share our water with more people? And evict thousands of citizens? I think not Mr. Mayor.


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