California Man’s Tax Refund Garnished Over Parking Ticket For Someone Else’s Car

By Julie Watts : cbslocal – excerpt

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A California man’s state tax refund was heavily garnished over a parking ticket from a city he’s never been to, for a car he’s never owned.

Michael Gardner drives a Chrysler, and has for the past nine years.  He also says he’s never been to the Southern California city of Inglewood.

But, the franchise tax board took 80-percent of his state tax refund because of a parking ticket from the city of Inglewood, for a blue four-door Honda.

“I never owned a Honda in my life, there’s no chance at all that it’s me,” Gardner said.

After explaining his situation to the tax board, he was told he would have to wait up to four months before he can get the money back… (more)


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