Where is our App?

By Herman Haluza :  TransporationPerception – excerpt

Recently, I downloaded the MUNI Transit App which tells you, based on location, what time the next bus or underground will come.  It is very sophisticated as you can see the many buses around you and it will precisely tell you how far away it is.  Every mode of transportation on the App is MUNI; however, there is one more: Uber.  There is a space on the app, very visible, that tells you how far away, in time, the closest Uber is and you can press it and it will bring you an Uber.

So I ask, why would Uber be on the MUNI app when they have nothing to do with the TNCs, or do they?  That the taxis are under the MTA, why is not the Yellow App there, as well, telling the customer how far away is the closest Yellow, or, for that matter, even Flywheel?  There is something that we do not know, from my perspective, and I hope such a question is raised at the next MTA Board Meeting.

Not quite sure what SFMTA thinks it is or what it is, but a fair and balanced regulatory system they are not.


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