When it comes to moving and removing bus stops, it’s rarely a smooth ride for Muni

By sfexaminer – excerpt

There’s an old saying among Muni circles, told this time by John Haley, director of transit at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, that goes something like this:

“Every bus stop has a constituency.”

As the SFMTA, which operates Muni, rolls out its Muni Forward plan to speed up bus and train service across San Francisco, 136 out of about 3,600 total bus stops will be removed or shifted. The agency sees the consolidation as vital to speeding up the consistently underperforming Muni, yet the decisions are rarely straightforward.

Following the recently halted proposed removal of one bus stop on Hayes Street last month, and the potential shifting of another along Bayshore Boulevard, the SFMTA faced hue and cry from businesses that feared the potential negative impacts…

Whether the SFMTA takes a bus stop out, or moves one a block away, someone feels the effects…

If the SFMTA goes through with the changes, it will shave five minutes off a trip for each bus, agency documents show. The cumulative time savings are equal to adding an additional bus to the 9-San Bruno route…

Weighing the needs of riders and businesses is not easy, Cheryl Brinkman, the SFMTA board’s vice-chairwoman, told The Examiner… (more)

It’s not easy convincing people SFMTA can be trusted, much less do the right thing for the public that WANTS TO BE LEFT ALONE.  If moving bus stops is equal to adding another bus on the line (not that we believe it.) why doesn’t Muni just add another bus and leave the stops as they are? SFMTA has done nothing to improve Muni service. They have only made matters worse.


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