BART plans to shut down Transbay Tube to replace aging tracks

by Sergio Quintana : abc7news – excerpt

Every day, about 400,000 commuters shuttle through the Transbay Tube on BART trains, but later this summer that critical link between San Francisco and Oakland will close down for a couple of weekends.

Service through the Transbay Tube has only shut down a few times in its entire lifespan: once because of a fire in the tube, after the Loma Prieta Earthquake, and a few times due to transit worker strikes. This upcoming shutdown will to be replace rails that have been in service since the tube opened back in 1974.

For two weekends, traffic heading through the BART Transbay Tube will come to a halt. So transit agencies around the Bay Area are starting to prepare.

“I think in a nutshell, there’s no good time to shut down BART service in the Transbay Tube, but they picked the least bad times,” John Goodwin from the Metro Transportation Commission said… (more)


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