Parking Exemptions Considered For Area Q Churches

At a public hearing next Friday, the SFMTA’s board of directors will consider changing parking time limits on several blocks of Area Q from two to four hours for cars without residential parking permits (RPPs).

Last March, the SFMTA board approved the Area Q residential parking permit zone, which requires residents on 50 blocks between Masonic and Webster to apply for a permit if they want to park on the street for more than two hours.

During that hearing, church leaders expressed concern about how RPP regulations would affect their congregations. The proposed time limits, they said, would discourage churchgoers from driving in for weekday Bible study, meetings and other activities. The SFMTA promised to consider these and other concerns before RPP is implemented this fall… (more)

4 hours seems like a more reasonable time frame for all non-residents in
RPP areas, as most commuters need more than 4 hours but visitors and customers do not.

If you think the SFMTA and the MTC are going to ride in on taxpayer dollars and clean up the traffic problem by forcing people out of their cars, you are behind the curve. Even ABAG admits the Plan Bay Area needs adjusting. See the article by Zelda Bronstein: Displacement policy at risk in quiet power struggle


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