San Francisco ticket camera program to become permanent?

By Keith Goble : landlinemanager – excerpt

The use of ticket cameras in the San Francisco area could soon get authorization to become a permanent fixture in a limited capacity.

California law allows the city and county of San Francisco to issue citations based on photos snapped of parking violations in transit-only lanes. Municipal Transportation Agency transit vehicles are authorized to be outfitted with cameras to record parking violations occurring in the nearly 15 miles of affected lanes.

Violators found in the Muni lanes face $100 fines.

The San Francisco program, which has been in place since 2008, is slated to conclude at the end of this year. In response, AB1287 would make the program permanent.

In addition, the program would be expanded to cover other moving violations that “impede or interfere with transit performance and public safety.” Specifically, added violations would cover vehicles driving in transit-only lanes, “block the box” violations in which vehicles obstruct intersections and crosswalks, and illegally parked or stopped vehicles at bus stops.

Assemblyman David Chiu, D-San Francisco, said the transit-only lanes are crucial to helping Muni do more than crawl through congested streets…

Fines for getting caught running a red light are $480.

To view other legislative activities of interest for California, click here(more)

Let the folks in Sacramento know that you oppose AB1287. This is a typical trick SFMTA uses to harass drivers. First they create a traffic jam and then complain that the cars are to blame for slowing down Muni. Then they set up Muni-only lanes and fine cars for driving in them.

This is a dangerous game they are playing because the transit only lanes confuse the drivers who don’t know what the rules are. They take turns from the middles lanes instead of pulling over to the curb lane to turn.


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