SFMTA employee accused of selling guns to FBI, son killed in 1994 shooting

By : sfexaminer – excerpt

Star quarterback. Future Recreation and Park Department director. Hometown hero.

Sululagi Palega Jr. was all those things until he was shot and killed in Modesto in 1994. The Portola Recreation Center was later renamed the Palega Recreation Center in honor of his life…

Nearly 21 years after his son was shot and killed, court filings from the attorneys of gangster Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow allege Palega Sr. sold a gun to an undercover FBI agent and promised to sell more guns in the future.

Palega is the manager of the Muni Transit Assistance Program for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency…

Palega could not be reached for comment. SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose said Palega is “currently on leave for matters that have nothing to do with this.”

The Muni Transit Assistance Program “provides community-based staff to ride transit lines with high incidences of graffiti and juvenile disturbances, to assist with enforcement,” according to the SFMTA.

MTAP also works with junior high and high schools. When asked if Palega worked directly with children while managing MTAP, Rose said, “He managed it. The transit assistants are the ones who ride the vehicles.”… (more)

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