Transportation Sustainability Program – excerpt

San Francisco is growing. The Association of Bay Area Governmentsprojects that the City will add as many as 190,000 jobs and 100,000 homes by 2040. Much of this is already occurring – projects to create housing for up to 60,000 new people are currently under review or in construction. It is possible to grow smartly, but we must start now…

Imagine all those cars – 600,000 of them – on City streets every day, in addition to the hundreds of thousands you see now.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We can make our City more livable by improving the way we address development. Requiring developers to pay their fair share for transportation impacts will give us the resources and tools to improve public transit, enhance safety for people walking and biking, and better manage vehicular traffic.

The Transportation Sustainability Program is about keeping people moving as our City grows. Smart planning and investment will help ensure that we’re able to arrive safer and more comfortably at our destinations now and in the future.

What Will the Program Do?

The Transportation Sustainability Program is made up of three components:… (more)

Charge new Fees. Ordinance was being introduced.



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