San Jose To Study License Plate Readers On Garbage Trucks

cbslocal – excerpt

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) – San Jose city leaders on Wednesday approved a study of a plan to place license plate readers on garbage trucks.

The plan proposed by Mayor Sam Liccardo and councilmen Johnny Khamis and Raul Peralez would help the city’s Police Department track down stolen vehicles and warrants.

Installing license plate readers on garbage trucks would be beneficial as the vehicles sweep through the city once a week, Khamis said…

While Jones said he is a fan of technology assisting in providing services in a more efficient and effective manner, but he sees the proposal as “a little too extreme.”

The idea of the trucks scanning license plates through every street is reminiscent of George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984” and comparable to the National Security Agency listening to every phone call, Jones said.

Liccardo said people tend to get an “icky feeling” when it comes to surveillance such as cameras and drones, Liccardo said… (more)

1984 is right, but for a really close look at where this is going check out Terry Gilliam’s 1985 movie, “Bazil”, one of our all time favorites. Does Central Services look familiar?

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