When A Zipcar Hits His Bike, One Critical Mass Cyclist Attacks With A U-Lock

By  : sfist – excerpt

“[Dont’] pick fights with motorists, even (especially) if they’re itching for one,” writes San Francisco’s chapter of the international cyclist advocacy group Critical Mass.

But apparently violating that dictum and others — such as ‘[don’t] ride into oncoming traffic on the wrong side of the road — on Friday’s group ride one cyclist ended up doing just that in the Marina District.

The above YouTube video titled “Road Rage Cyclist Breaks Car Window with U-Lock,” was flagged by Redditors and posted by the Chronicle. At around 20 seconds in, cyclists move into opposing traffic. One blocks a Zipcar, staring it down as if to dare it to proceed. This, I’m told, is a maneuver frequently used to keep cars from proceeding towards other cyclists to ensure their safety. But in this case, that car, inching closer, eventually collides with the bike.

“You fucking hit my bike!” shouts the cyclist in confronting the Zipcar driver. After some back-and-forth, the driver begins to (illegally) flee the (admittedly scary) scene of the initial accident. At 1:40 or so, the driver or perhaps a passenger yells that the cyclist is a “psycho.”

As the Zipcar passes by, the cyclist uses his U-lock to smash at it, attempting (but failing) to break the driver’s side window…

In the 2013 words of SF Weekly, Critical Mass is an “anarchic, ostensibly leaderless movement” that served as the San Francisco Bike Coalition’s “battering ram.”…

Supervisor Farrell has released the following statement:

Violence is and will never be acceptable here in San Francisco. The actions by the cyclists caught on video this past Friday evening participating in Critical Mass are disturbing and should never be tolerated in our City – especially the one cyclist seen attacking the vehicle with a bicycle lock repeated times. I understand the history that Critical Mass has in San Francisco as a protest movement, and respect that a majority of the participants are peaceful and respectful of others while participating. But, the participants in Critical Mass must understand that actions like the ones this past Friday reflect poorly on the entire group and hurt the group’s overall message and movement. I have already been in contact with our police department to evaluate how best to prevent similar future incidents from happening. And, I expect and hope that other Critical Mass participants will condemn the behavior seen this past Friday and actively encourage their participants to respect everyone and all the applicable traffic laws while participating  (more)

The cyclists are not stopping one car. They are stopping all the cars coming off the Golden Gate Bridge by driving against the traffic on the wrong side of the street. Whoever is in the car is swarmed by the cyclists. Can’t feel very safe.



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