Squeezing cars until they squeal

washingtontimes – excerpt

Traffic congestion is the dark lining of the silver cloud of prosperity. There’s good news and bad news for commuters trying to navigate the tangled web of overflowing highways in Los Angeles. The good news, misleading as it may be, is that L.A., the city that first struck up a love affair with the automobile, no longer has the worst traffic congestion in the nation. The bad news is that L.A. seems determined to recapture that dreadful honor. The euphoria of mild weather and extreme politics has a dizzying effect.

The Los Angeles City Council has approved a plan to transform hundreds of miles of automobile traffic lanes into bus lanes and bicycle paths. Mobility Plan 2035 is touted as a strategy for encouraging residents to forsake their cars and learn to love public transportation. Given the barely bearable condition of the L.A. daily grind, the council appears to be throwing in with the green fanatics who intend to eliminate the ability of plain folks to go where they want to go, and do what they want to do, in their gasoline-powered cars… (more)

We know the drill.