SFMTA says it needs $21 billion for next 20 years

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

Money makes transit go ’round. And in San Francisco, a new number has been identified to do just that: $21 billion.

That’s the amount it will take to keep Muni, bike lanes and roadside features in San Francisco in a state of good repair for 20 years and to expand service, according to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s newly released Capital Improvement Plan.

The identified needs arise in a dry spell of transportation funding. California’s state legislature is considering new transportation funding measures in a special session, according to The Associated Press, and Congress has a deadline of Oct. 29 to come to an agreement on a deadlocked transportation funding bill.

At the SFMTA Board of Directors meeting Tuesday, SFMTA head Ed Reiskin laid out the importance of the plan.

“We probably won’t get the full $21 billion,” he said to the board. But,“it’s important that we start to lay out the needs. It’s really the only starting point to be able to participate in future conversations with the state and federal government.”… (more)

They could start by cutting out all the funds they are spending on non-Muni operating costs. If the new “moderate democrats” have anything to say about that, they will have no choice.

Bus operator to dissolve ‘sham’ union, in agreement with Teamsters

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez: sfexaminer – excerpt

Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation will dissolve its “sham” company union and allow local Teamsters to proceed with organizing employees of the bus company.

That’s according to an agreement revealed
by a formal settlement stipulation issued Monday by the National Labor Relations Board’s Local Region 20.

Bauer’s serves a number of local tech companies, including Cisco Systems and game maker Electronic Arts. It shuttles tech workers from San Francisco to corporate headquarters daily.

The Teamsters have unionized many tech shuttle providers, and Bauer’s is the latest in their efforts.

But Bauer’s is also the first of these tech shuttle providers to fight back against the unionization. The San Francisco Examiner was unable to reach Bauer’s, but in past court filings it has denied all allegations.

The settlement will allow the Teamsters to continue those efforts unimpeded by Bauer’s…

SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose told the Examiner that agency staff will present a final proposal on labor harmony to the SFMTA board when the shuttle pilot program nears permanency.

“As part of our evaluation of the shuttle pilot,” he said, “we will comply with the Board of Supervisors’ resolution for labor harmony.”

Bloch said the Teamsters were sanctioned to strike, and almost picketed the local Dreamforce conference, which is attended by thousands of conventioneers.

“We could’ve really messed with that convention,” Bloch said… (more)