New Muni changes may leave Lake Merced residents stranded

By : sfexaminer – excerpt (includes map)


Far out in San Francisco’s western and southern neighborhoods lies the “Outerlands.”

As the crow flies, they’re not so distant from The City’s urban core. But a lack of direct connection to BART, Muni’s train lines and Muni’s main commuter buses, make the so-nicknamed Outerlands feel worlds away from the rest of San Francisco, residents say.

Amid this transportation drought the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency announced new transit increases on the west side as part of its Muni Forward plan.

For those living south of Lake Merced, however, the changes are a double-edged sword.

Residents say the re-routes will further distance them from downtown, stranding them at the southern tip of the lake.
Hundreds in the southern and westernmost corner of San Francisco will soon lose access to the 18-46th Avenue line, a crucial connector between Lake Merced and more robust transit options near Stonestown Mall.

Starting Sept. 26, the 18-46th Avenue will reroute to better serve Lowell High School and the dense neighborhoods near Sloat Boulevard.

Route changes to 18-46th Avenue and 57-Park Merced lines
•The 57 Parkmerced will run every 20 minutes instead of 30 minutes.
•The 18 46th Ave will run every 20 minutes instead of 25 minutes on weekends.

Lake Merced will connect to Daly City BART
•The 57 Parkmerced will pick up and drop off at Daly City BART.
•18-46th Avenue customers along Lake Merced will now be served by 57 Parkmerced.

57 Parkmerced customers on 19th Avenue from SF State to Stonetown, use the 28/28R 19th Avenue… (more)


The map shows clearly the concerns of a defunct system capacity wise needing change. The problem is how much change is needed, and who did not pony-up when prior asked to resolve the concerns. (Developers/Institutions/Business Interests)

We stated clearly in past memo’s and submitted documents that their is a distinct need to solve the major jumps, and missing connectivity on the city’s SW and SE corners. 19th Ave and 101 @ Candlestick up through the hospital curve both require more solid planning transit work.

The SFSU-CSU masterplan increased enrollment, reduced shuttle services and left 60-80 people in line for shuttles daily. The SFSU team painted the poles purple and yellow at the prior Parkmerced/SFSU-CSU stop, not much more was done to improve two-sided access to the platform and the overwhelming crush that occurs there daily.

The Lake Merced area is completely underserved, while Parkmerced pressures to build alongside the 800 Brotherhood way developments at 19th and Brotherhood there is no significant planning efforts that produce up front changes to connect link and loop the transit systems to provide these areas with secondary connectivity to major transit hubs.

Parkmerced’s changes strand seniors further from the main line, and reduce access to the disabled. The Parkmerced changes wait 30-40 years to do the connectivity needed across brotherhood way and to any future intermodal facility at Daly City BART.

The L-Taraval shown on the map shows how short a distance it would be to connect direct up Sloat Blvd. the L line and possibly link it along Lake Merced Blvd. out to Daly City and possibly back up John Daly Blvd. as a Bi-County project to improve cross county traffic concerns. Even routing it up Brotherhood Way or looping it around the lake to the Pomeroy Center, Golf Course, and housing areas, would make sense even if a secondary system around the lake.

Development of many sites in D10 requires more adequate public transit systems to solve the accessible issues for many low-income families needing to get downtown or across town for jobs and schools. Meanwhile the SFMTA/SFCTA propose BRT transit along Geneva when its already obviously clear the LRV route is needed sooner and not later, with proposed projects, cummalative impacts, and the new projects near Balboa Park Station that will bottle up the access to any future planned intermodal facility at this location near the Geneva Car-Barn and major highway access areas of the SE-SW corridor.

The systemic problem is that we need funding, and we also need resolve. We need a bit more creativity in solving the problems, and a stronger will to not just take a developer’s plan as the holy-grail, but make sure we vet the suggested options and alternatives that can provide these residents and existing neighborhoods with the proper public transit levels needed.

Its not out of the financial possibility to get our systems in such a small city up to par, it just will take the public demanding that the city is not adequately serving the public’s needs and put the focus on the planners to get those links, loops and connections in the system built first, and not post more subway tunneling that may drain funds for outside areas of SF at the behest of downtown interests.

Taxation of business, institutional growth (SFSU-CSU), and market rate housing development is critical to ensuring that the developers don’t rely on the public taxation to fund their growth.

Raise the tax amount by 50% over the currently submitted amounts proposed by the SF Planning Commissioners, its time we think about the cities future, and if we will strand the public and force them to take cars, or adequately plan for a system-wide improvement especially in districts currently under-served by the system.


Aaron Goodman D11 Resident


One thought on “New Muni changes may leave Lake Merced residents stranded

  1. Reader comment:

    image of the article map, shows the dis-connect on Sloat Blvd. and the future disconnect to Daly City BART by ignoring Sunset Blvd. Lake Merced Blvd. Brotherhood Way, and out to possibly John Daly Blvd. or along the 19th ave as an aireal line turned south at 20th and Sloat and brough up along the small roadway near macy’s to an above ground system…
    many options, unfortunately SFMTA/SFCTA needs to do some better planning/creative strategies as the extension to daly city bart will cost billions….


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