Bay Area lawmaker introduces legislation to end regional transportation agencies

By Mark Prado : mercurynews – excerpt

Marin Assemblyman Marc Levine has introduced a bill to eliminate a powerful regional commission, saying it’s not accountable to the public and has been largely ineffective in improving traffic.

Levine, D-San Rafael, this week introduced legislation that would do away with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and its sister agency, the Bay Area Toll Authority. The commission is the Bay Area’s transportation planning agency, while the authority oversees seven state-run bridges.
In their place a new Bay Area Transportation Commission would be created. Unlike the Metropolitan Transportation Commission — created by the state Legislature in 1970 — whose members are appointed, the new commission would be elected, under Levine’s bill.
Levine said the change would benefit commuters in Marin and around the Bay Area. “Our traffic is some of the worst in the nation. We need a transportation commission that will put their energies into eliminating traffic gridlock,” Levine said in a statement. “The new Bay Area Transportation Commission will be responsive and accountable to our communities’ needs rather than operate as an appointed board. … This commission will provide the transparency and accountability that Bay Area commuters need and deserve.”
 MTC response Randy Rentschler, director of legislation and public affairs for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, said the agency’s board will likely take up Levine’s bill at its meeting next month… (more)
This could be the year of voter rebellion. Look at Washington and Sacramento is starting to get the message that the voters have had enough disfunction in government. Trust is at an all-time low. Let’s get some letter going out to our representatives.
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