California unveils amnesty program for unpaid traffic tickets

By Kurtis Alexander : sfgate – excerpt

Millions of California motorists with suspended licenses have a chance to win back their driving privileges at a discount, starting Thursday, under a state amnesty program for unpaid traffic tickets.
The state is cutting fines by at least half and waiving late fees for payments on tickets that were due before Jan. 1, 2013, an effort to eliminate what Gov. Jerry Brown called a “hellhole of desperation” for those who can’t afford penalties and lost their licenses as a result.
Brown signed the amnesty legislation in June. It takes effect Thursday and runs until March 2017… (more)

Great idea but, they have to be kidding. They are waving fees for payment on tickets that were due before January 2013? Who is still around after that long? How will this help the poor folks who were desperate in 2013? Two years late. Sort of like the brand new affordable houses they are building for future residents long after most of those who need them have left. Who is going to get on a lottery for a home that will not be on the market for two or more years? And who is going to benefit after losing their car and or license two years ago?


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