Report: More than 750 jobs could be eliminated if Uber expands in central New York

auburnpub – excerpt

Hundreds of jobs will be cut if Uber expands to central New York and the Syracuse area, according to a new report released Monday by a group representing the taxi industry.

The report unveiled by the Committee for Taxi Safety says Uber’s expansion would lead to the elimination of 751 limousine and taxi industry jobs in central New York. The cuts would affect non-driver positions, such as dispatchers and mechanics.

Uber, a ride-sharing service which already operates in New York City, is looking to expand to Long Island and cities in upstate. The company says expanding to areas outside of New York City would create 13,000 jobs.

But the Committee for Taxi Safety claims many of those jobs would be part-time positions.

“This report makes it clear that Uber’s expansion outside of New York City will be a job killer for central New York,” Committee for Taxi Safety President David Beier said in a statement. “Before lawmakers create a statewide license for Uber, they should consider the destructive impact of losing these full-time jobs.”

Uber released an economic impact report in October that showed the company’s drivers would earn an estimated $80 million in net fares during the first year of operations if expansion to Long Island and upstate New York is permitted… (more)

There is something fishy about these numbers. How can you shift 750 taxi jobs into 13,000 Uber jobs?


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