Lombard Changes Irk Locals

marinatimes – excerpt

The Lombard Street Safety Project, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s package of street improvements and beautification projects, has met a chilly reception from many locals, who claim the project is moving too fast and not taking into account locals’ concerns about traffic flow, obstruction of businesses, and other problems.

Local residents and businesses have been complaining to SFMTA, District 2 Supervisor Mark Farrell, and other officials about stops for Muni and corporate buses that have been moved in front of private driveways, congestion, and worries about ill-thought-out traffic flow.

The Lombard Street Safety Project involves trying to improve pedestrian visibility at intersections, “transit bulbs” at four intersections (Lombard at Divisadero, Pierce, Fillmore, and Laguna Streets), relocating three bus stops, “pedestrian bulbs” at four intersections (Lombard at Pierce, Steiner, Fillmore, and Laguna Streets), and new transit stops at Lombard and Laguna and at Gough Streets… (more)

The public no longer trusts any of the plans SFMTA comes up with to change the city streets and why should we? The plan is to spend money. If the street trees are on the sidewalk they must be removed and new ones planted in the middle of the road. If they are in the middle of the road they must be moved to the side. It is pretty obvious by now what the SFMTA is doing. Making money for contractors.

Streets with stop signs make it really hard to speed. You don’t need any speed bumps when you stop at every intersection. But, the SFMTA needs to purchase some traffic signals, so they need places to put them. Your block looks like a good place…


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