Muni Still Unable To Wrap Its Head Around Two Trains Arriving At Once

BY JACK MORSE : sfist – excerpt

The latest effort to make Muni suck just a little less has, surprise surprise, run into delays. A software bug has prevented Muni from safely implementing its planned program of double berthing at Muni underground stations, and there is no timeline for when it will be fixed.

The idea was announced back in the fall of 2013, and promised to speed up boarding and disembarking by allowing two three-car trains to stop at the same platform simultaneously — the platforms, you see, were designed for it, and/or for longer trains. This change, like the one allowing back-door boarding of Muni buses, seems intuitive and would likely be welcomed by commuters.

At the time, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Transit Director John Haley told Streetsblog of the agency’s progress.

“The tests on the software so far have been positive with no bugs or glitches found,” explained Haley. “The software and hardware are installed and if the Live Field tests go well we would target Late October / early November to start in service.”

Two years on, despite a brief trial run in May, there is still no double berthing at underground Muni stations.

So what gives? Well, it turns out there were some bugs after all… (more)



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