SF Bicycle Coalition Director Steps Down After Eight Months Amid Some Board Election Turmoil

by JAY BARMANN : sfist – excerpt

Longtime bike advocate Noah Budnick, who came from New York City’s Transportation Alternatives to take the exec director job at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition just over eight months ago, is leaving his post already amid some ongoing hubbub about the election for the organization’s board. Budnick, whospoke to SFist shortly after he landed the job last December, now tells us this was a “tough decision” but he’s “excited to work on new funding mechanisms to make cities around the world better connected, more beautiful and, of course, more fun!”

As the Examiner first reported yesterday, via a letter Budnick wrote to the SFBC membership, Budnick’s departure comes at a tense moment in the organization in which two competing slates of candidates are up for election to the board, with the incumbent slate advocating for the removal of voting rights for the 10,000 members of the Coalition… (more)

Tis the season of discord among the non-profits and their boards.


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