San Francisco Parking Meters: A $130MM Industry

by Vivian Poole : TheSpokedBlog – excerpt

The most popular page on this blog is the “How to fight the SFMT and win.”
Not only does the SFMTA harass drivers, they also go after Muni riders.

If you’re a vehicle owner in San Francisco, you’ve likely been brought to tears at least once by a dreaded white envelope under your wiper, or towering hourly parking meter rates. If so, you’ve probably wondered: exactly how much money does the city of San Francisco rake in from these revenue streams every year? For many, the cost of parking in this city seems unreasonably high, but how does it compare to other cities? Here’s the answer: San Francisco has the the most expensive parking tickets in the entire United States. Parking Citation Fees and Meter Fares On its website, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) jokes, “Even parking tickets get a day off now and then.” During just three select days every year — Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years’ Day — the SFMTA doles out free parking, releasing city dwellers from the burden of enforced meters. But this “gift” is deceiving; the SFMTA spends the other 362 days a year dutifully handing out parking tickets… (more)


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