S.F.’s 2 big traffic transgressions keep the streets snarled

By Michael Cabanatuan : sfchronicle  – excerpt

Traffic in downtown San Francisco remains a mess — especially during the morning and evening commutes — despite a declared crackdown and a sharp increase in citations issued to the many impatient and impolite drivers who block lanes and intersections…

n 2015, the number of citations issued by Municipal Transportation Agency parking control officers for blocking intersections has more than tripled — from 4,652 in 2014 to a projected total of more than 15,000 by the end of the year.

‘Making a difference’

Citations for blocking bike lanes and double parking also have increased, though less dramatically. Tickets for stopping in bike lanes more than doubled, climbing from 1,424 to a projection of more than 3,000 this year, while double-parking tickets climbed about 47 percent, rising from 22,072 to an anticipated 32,336. The projections are based on figures through November… (more)

Lots of comments at the source. More are welcomed. Here is my favorite: “… Its the intentional re-engineering of our streets by the SFMTA, which has been hijacked by the anti-car lobby. They have unsuccessfully tried to impose ruinous taxes on driving, been told twice by the voters to shove it, and nonetheless persist with wild, reckless schemes to clog traffic. Removing lanes everywhere, retiming lights, etc. SFGate used to report on that. Its the Frankenstein monster that Newsom created when he did the while transit 1st thing. And its illegally funded by the one-percenters behind the Livable Cities cult.” – Maria


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