Why does Muni BRT Silence Community?

SFCTA Denied the Public from Speaking Because their Plan Doesn’t Hold up to Public Scrutiny… (more)

We support StopMuniBRT.org because we deserve to have a say in our future… (more)

According to Zabe Bent, the TA planner who was recently assigned to the Geary project, implementing Muni transit improvements will range from $45 million to $200 million, depending on the option chosen. She said construction would be taken in small chunks, like a “street repaving project,” which would take six to eight weeks to complete… (more)

Citizens are fighting back against elements of street alterations they disapprove of. SFMTA continues to ignore the Muni riders and pedestrians requests, regardless of what they suggest. Citizen groups are forming to protest their treatment and use of their taxes, as they grow weary of the constant construction and demolition of their communities.

Taxpaying groups are fighting the most expensive version of every design option that comes up. Why spend $200 million on a project that the public doesn’t want instead of spending $45 million on the one they approve of?


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