You Can Thank VISA and Bank of America for Making Parking in S.F. More Expensive

By : sfweekly – excerpt

The Municipal Transportation Agency will soon take a bite out of your wallet, but don’t storm the mansions and burn anyone in effigy just yet. This time, it’s not their fault. They say the devil made them do it.

(Actually, it was VISA and Bank of America. But close enough.)

As expected, the MTA board voted unanimously to hike parking meter fees a quarter an hour citywide yesterday, with the pinch taking effect in February. But they want you to know they’re doing it under duress.

“This is a one-time, forced action,” board member Malcolm Heinicke said at the meeting. He did not add, “Really, honestly, pinky-swear.“ But it was more or less implied.

The problem is that six months ago, the MTA began charging a 27 cent fee whenever you feed the meter with a credit or debit card. That covered the transaction costs that credit cards always charge for the privilege of swiping, and nobody really minded, because it was cheaper than the ticket you’d get if you didn’t have enough change on you… (more)

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