SFMTA Forgets They Need To Direct Traffic, Ups SF

By Eve Batey : sfist – excerpt

Remember how we told you that San Francisco was expected to spend about $4 million of taxpayer money on the Super Bowl? Well, scratch that figure! As it turns out, the good old San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency had forgotten that they’d need parking and traffic control officers to work the event, so it’s actually going to cost significantly more.

I’m going to assume that you remember last week’s report from Kate Howard, San Francisco’s budget director that estimated that the city would spend about $4 million to keep things going during next month’s football frenzy. According to Howard, the San Francisco Police Department would spend about $1.5 extra on Super Bowl related expenses, the San Francisco Fire Department would need about $600K extra, and the SFMTA would need $1.7 million more that usual.

Except they won’t, as according to a report from Matier and Ross, the transit agency “forgot to include the 90 parking and traffic control officers who will be needed to keep the cars and buses moving before and after events — and also staff the street closures that will come with the weeklong celebration.” (Guess this guy wasn’t available.)

The cost of those 90 staffers for a week of San Francisco Super Bowl traffic madness? An additional $638,000, bringing SF’s Super Bill up to $4.6 (or so) million.

But then again, even Howard says we can’t really know for sure how much any of this stuff will cost, saying in her memo (all of which you can read here) that “actual departmental expenditures will not be known until after the event has concluded.” That’s comforting!… (more)




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