Stop 16th Street BRT

Tuesday, January 19, 1 PM – agenda
City Hall, Room 400 SFMTA Board Meeting: Item 12. Amending Transportation Code, Division II, Section 601 to designate transit/taxi only lanes on 16th Street from Seventh Street to Church Street in the westbound direction. They want to reject the TTRP.22 Moderate Alternative as infeasible, and approve the proposed Modified Expanded project. We need to dispute this decision.(January 2016 plans) to be approved January 19 at the SFMTA Board Meeting. (Presentation) (staff report)

With all the new development, what is in the pipeline, plans for a Warriors Stadium, and Pier 70, there has not been an adequate independent traffic study addressing the cumulative impacts in the area of this project. We request a continuance.

Email or send a letter of opposition: Sample Letter

This is a dangerous plan that needs serious consideration before moving forward for a multitude of reasons.

16th Street is one of the major arterial streets that cross from East to West. It is the only street that crosses both 101 and 280.

The 22 Fillmore is one of the most popular and relied upon routes across town. Spending millions of dollars to change something that works really well for most people is insane.

Clearing all traffic on 16th Street to allow emergency vehicles only was given as the emergency plan to ally fears that Warriors Stadium traffic would limit access to the new Mission Bay medical facilities.

Adding more restrictions to an already over-burdened street that could be cleared during major emergency situations is pure lunacy.

Electric buses will be stopped in their tracks and the public will be trapped. Emergencies happen fast. Clearing a few cars off the street is one thing, but clearing a lot of buses stuck on tracks is another.

During the Loma Prieta earthquake the only thing that worked was the diesel buses that now run on clean fuel. Electric vehicles are useless without power.

Cars are not MUNI’s biggest problem. The invasive private tech and other shuttle services cause most of the MUNI delays. They are slow and constantly getting in the way of MUNI buses. Cars are fast and nimble in comparison.

This plan includes a bicycle path next to the bus lane that is totally inappropriate and dangerous. Bus drivers can’t see bicycles. There is already a bike path on 17th Street so no bike path is needed on 16th Street.

PDR businesses and small neighborhood retail merchants rely on parking for delivery, clients and customers. Making driving and parking on 16th Street more difficult will drive these businesses out at a time when the city claims it is trying to preserve them.

Stop this plan and send it back to the drawing board.