SFMTA approves bus-only lanes for 22-Fillmore

By : sfexaminer – excerpt

The newest “red carpet” transit-only lane will roll out for Muni’s 22-Fillmore bus soon, on 16th street from downtown to the Mission…

Since when dose the 22-Fillmore go downtown? Are they referring to Mission Bay as downtown now?

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s Board of Directors moved to approve the new lane at its regular meeting Tuesday, as part of the agency’s Muni Forward program. Muni Forward saw transit routes across The City transformed in an aim to speed up service…

Jamey Frank, representing the Church Street Neighborhood Association, decried the loss of parking for neighbors.

“Muni’s results only show a 5 percent decrease in traffic time” for buses, Frank told the board, “confiscating more parking spaces will hurt more businesses in The Mission and drive away tourists.”…

The SFMTA doesn’t care about our business. Their business is taking taxpayer money and spending it to harass drivers while cutting back on Muni services.

The SFMTA board delayed action on proposed changes to Chestnut Street, including pedestrian “bulb outs” which widens the sidewalk ends for safety, and new traffic signals at three intersections.

Facing community backlash, SFMTA planners pulled the plug on their plan to paint a red transit-only lane on Chestnut Street during morning, peak commute hours. Transit-only lanes were approved for Van Ness Avenue between Chestnut and North Point, however… (more)

The author left out a comment made by Peter Strauss of the transit Riders Union, that Prop B funds were meant to be spent on Muni operations, repairs and maintenance, not just capital projects. The Board ignored him and allotted 5.5 million dollars of the bonds to capital projects, proving once again that they feel no obligation to listen to the public or the requests their riders. Now they will insist they need more money for operations and therefore must raise the Muni and parking rates. In fact, they already did.
Changes to Muni Passport fares are effective January 1, 2016.
Parking meter rates in SF to jump by 25 cents



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