The truth about High Speed Rail

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They have no money.

At the much touted unveiling of the DTX Extension and 280 Tear Down plans last night on Potrero Hill, San Francisco officials admitted that there is no money to finish the electrification of CalTrain. They are $440 million short on what they need to electrify 70% of the trains. This was repeated a few times last night.

We were told that the Fast Train is not going to be paid for with public funds and will only happen if “they” can convince a private investor to invest in it. It appears the real reaosn they are trying to force us out of our cars  and onto Muni buses, is to prove that there is a market for a “potential” private investor to invest in a “public” transit system to attract private capital. All the mad street painting and street diets are really part of the plan…

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2 thoughts on “The truth about High Speed Rail

  1. Just a few words. Plan Bay Area and PDA(priority development areas) one big plan by the MTA.

    Fact one: Those are the exact main reasons why what’s going on is going on.

    Fact two: The way they have things written anything and almost everything can fall under “transportation”. Because of this SF transportation bonds and funds are not being used on muni. They tare down 280? It’s transportation. Paint the streets? Transportation. Cut down a couple of trees? Transportation easier for people to walk. Why? It’s transportation.

    Too many pot holes ruined streets and crappy muni all because they’re saving the money for their “transportation”. All Bay Area counties and cities are beginning to have the same problem.

    It’s all this ABAG plan Bay Area crap. Including the MTA which happens to be in the same office as the Sfmta.

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