Muni vies for pricey training facility

By : sfexaminer – excerpt

San Francisco’s transit agency wants to spend $2.4 million annually — a 1,500 percent increase from what it’s currently spending — for a training facility for Muni drivers.

Transit officials, however, failed to justify such a cost increase for the facility to members of the Board of Supervisors at a budget committee hearing Wednesday. Instead, transit officials will make their case to the committee March 9… (more)

Good for them. Why spend more that much more money when Muni is broke? How much do other cities spend on training facilities? Probably a lot less.

Cost of new Muni training facility questioned The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is seeking a new training facility in South San Francisco for its Muni operators, but will have to prove to The City’s Board of Supervisors that it actually needs one.

San Francisco Considers Tearing Down Interstate 280 Extension for High Speed Rail, Caltrain

By Jean Elle : nbcbayarea – excerpt – video

The planning department said removing the freeway extension would free up space for housing and offices.

San Francisco is considering tearing down the Interstate 280 extension to get Caltrain and high speed rail into downtown. City officials said that portion of the freeway would turn into a boulevard, while tracks are built underground.

Residents opposing the plan jam packed a meeting late Tuesday in Potrero Hill to share their concerns. Some residents call the I-280 extension north of Mariposa Street a “vital line” that should not be torn down… (more)