Got something to share? Let us know! available on the iPhone AppStore Why Are There So Many Uber Drivers Sleeping In The Safeway Parking Lot?

The other night I had an UberX driver tell me, in detail, how he was attempting to crank out 25 rides that evening, no matter how long it took him, and that I was his ninth fare of the night at around 7:30 p.m. He was talking about the new 20 percent bonus that Uber announced for drivers who complete 100 rides in a week — a major incentive after Uber has systematically cut fares in order to boost revenue, at the expense of drivers’ take-home pay. My driver on Monday said he’d been driving taxis for a living for 26 years, and that he used to say anyone who couldn’t manage to make at least “three bills” a night was a sheer amateur.

But making $300 in a 24-hour period for a rideshare driver could take upwards of 14 hours, and thus you have drivers who come into San Francisco from Fresno, Napa, Stockton and elsewhere sneaking in naps in places like the Market Street Safeway parking lot, as SF Weekly explains — and unlike regular taxis, which cap hours at 12, and Lyft, which disables the app for six hours after 14 consecutive hours of driving, Uber has no such cap. (And there’s nothing to stop a driver from simply switching between apps, as a number work for both Uber and Lyft.)

The paper talks to one driver, a married mother of one from Stockton who’s writing a memoir about her Uber-driving experiences, who takes home around $1,100 after five days — and 60+ hours — of driving, which she does by pulling over for naps where she can, and pulling 12- to 14-hour shifts.

Is this leading to a lot of under-rested Uber drivers on the road? Maybe, though there’s no data to back that up yet.

But this also only add fuel to the argument to make drivers employees, and to offer overtime pay… (more)

SF looks to overhaul rules around residential parking permits

By : sfexaminer – excerpt

Whether it’s Captain & Tennille’s song “Muskrat Love,” or the “yabba dabba doo” of talking Fred Flintstone dolls, some creations of the 1970s belong in the 1970s.

Soon The City may add its parking permit rules to that list.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency ended the first public comment period on its “Residential Parking Permit Evaluation & Reform Project” this week, and planners are now looking to revisit permitted parking across San Francisco.

The City’s residential parking program was first drafted in 1976

Wilson said nighttime parking concerns are among many the SFMTA has heard. Printing out permits online, changing the amount motorcycles and scooters are charged, or potentially allowing greener vehicles to pay less than the $111 annual fee are among other ideas from neighbors.

“One thing we’ve heard from the outside is to try to do more tailoring for neighborhood use,” he said, which might mean rules can stretch or change between various neighborhoods like North Beach and the Excelsior.

“Right now it’s sort of a one-size-fits-all policy,” Wilson said…

The next round of public comment on residential parking is tentatively slated for April, when SFMTA staff will propose potential new ideas for permit parking to San Franciscans. The SFMTA Board of Directors could vote on proposals as early as fall.

Rules that could, perhaps, remain for another 40 years… (more)