Wrong Pipes Installed at BART Berryessa Station, But VTA Says No Repairs Needed

By Vicky Nguyen, David Parede and Michael Bott : nbcbayareanews – excerpt – (video)

The Valley Transportation Authority is overseeing the BART extension from the East Bay to San Jose but the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit has learned about an underground mistake. Crews installed 1,400 feet of cast iron pipe instead of PVC pipe… (more)

Anybody who can’t tell the difference between the PVC pipes and cast iron pipes has no business overseeing a construction project. Anybody who doesn’t catch the difference in costs between the PVC pipes and cast iron pipes has no business managing a project. There is no way anybody could have missed this mistake.


Keep the loop! Preserve parking, biking, and hiking all the way ’round Twin Peaks!

SFMTA can’t leave anything alone. Now they want to mess with public access to Twin Peaks!

Petitioning Chairman of the Board of the SFMTA Tom Nolan

Keep the loop! Preserve parking, biking, and hiking all the way ’round Twin Peaks!

I love San Francisco’s Twin Peaks, and I love to bicycle all the way around the figure 8 loop up there, and take in the beautiful city and ocean views.

Unfortunately, there’s a plan (“Twin Peaks Figure 8 Pilot Redesign”) to change the traffic flow at the top of Twin Peaks in a way that will eliminate all parking anywhere around the figure 8, and make it considerably more dangerous to bike or walk all the way around the entire figure 8 loop. See the plan description here:

The number one excuse they give is: – Under-used roadway capacity. Since when do they complain about underused roadways?

This makes about as much sense as removing seats from buses and then speeding them up. Are standing passengers on speeding buses safer than seated ones on slower buses?

 The plan will make it more dangerous for drivers as well, as drivers distracted by the view pass one another in opposite directions around the sharp, blind curves. Imagine what it would be like to be walking or cycling there when a tour bus is passing you with a car coming in the opposite direction. Or what about when two tour buses are passing one another? It doesn’t sound pretty to me, and I think the probability of accidents around those blind turns will go up a huge amount.

The plan is a “solution” for a problem that doesn’t exist. Twin Peaks is one of the safest places to bicycle in San Francisco. To increase safety even further, the City could paint one-way arrows in both traffic lanes to let drivers know that they can use both lanes to give cyclists and walkers even more room when they pass. They could also paint clearly defined crosswalks to make it easier and safer for hikers on the trails to cross the road.

If enough people who actually use Twin Peaks sign this petition, they will change the plan, and preserve safe access for cycling and hiking around the loop, and parking for visitors who want to enjoy a beautiful sunset on a warm weekend evening…

I sent an email opposed to this plan, and I hope you will too. Send your emails to: sustainable.streets@sfmta.com, mtaboard@sfmta.com, and melinda.stockmann@sfgov.org and copy the Mayor and supervisors as well.


San Francisco resident, homeowner, and voter.