Mission Street Transit Lanes: What About the Bikes?

by : sf.streetsblog – excerpt

Earlier this week, the SFMTA sent out a release with a progress report on the “Red Lane” paint (actually, a thermoplastic adhesive) they are applying, clearly marking lanes for Muni Streetcars and buses (and taxis):

Early signs indicate success. Preliminary data shows transit-only lane violations dropping by more than 50 percent on some segments of 3rd Street. On Geary and O’Farrell streets, the red lanes have reduced Muni travel times by 4 percent despite traffic congestion increasing on the same segments by 15-18 percent… (more)

If there is any doubt in your minds about the plans SFMTA is working on. Here you have it in their own word. Muni gains 4% in traffic congestion while the rest of use loose 15-18%. This is how they fix traffic problems.

Let’s here from the health and science community about how much more pollutants are going in the air as a result of this slow down of traffic.

Ask the riders how much longer it takes them to walk from the bus stop to their destination. Do faster buses cut their trip time?

2 thoughts on “Mission Street Transit Lanes: What About the Bikes?


  2. Red Transit only lanes are the SFMTA’s newest cash cow. Every single MUNI vehicle has a camera mounted on front. The cameras, which are placed forward-facing on Muni buses, images cars either parking or driving in transit-only lanes. Parking control officers review the footage to identify license plates and write big, fat citations. That’s right, every single MUNI Bus in SF is now being used as a LAW ENFORCEMENT vehicle.

    If you need to drop someone off at the curb and MUNI catches you in the red lane (Cha-ching!) MUNI sends you a citation through the mail. More streets with “transit only” red paint increases the SFMTA’s chances of collecting traffic citations from individual residents.

    Struggling to get get by? Spending all of your money on rent and living paycheck to paycheck? Don’t forget to vote against Assemblymember David Chiu, D-San for reauthorizing Assembly Bill 1287. The PREDATORY Transit-Only Lane Enforcement (TOLE) program was expanded to cover other moving violations including “blocking the box” at congested intersections where SFMTA has re-timed traffic signals to leave cars in the intersections. The SFMTA took over in 2000 with a 350 Million dollar budget. 15 Years later the MTA TRIPLED their budget, cut service to neighborhoods, gridlocked the streets, and passed Billions of dollars in NEW DEBT on to Taxpayers.

    Hows that “Transit First” policy working out for you San Francisco?


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