from craigslist: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/rnr/5508708871.html

(excelsior / outer mission)
I was driving on Mission from 30th st to 16th street but was unable to drive directly (as in a straight line) due to SFMTA destroying the driveability of Mission st. It not only makes it very difficult to drive, it must be a nightmare for those who live on the streets that the traffic is diverted onto. One cannot drive down Mission street without being forced to make a right turn, going around the block in order to get back onto Mission street. The businesses will suffer, the drivers will suffer and the residents will suffer the most. Here’s the contact number for those who want to call and complain;

11 S Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94103
b/t 12th St & Mission St
Phone number (415) 701-3000


Thanks for letting us know about the rants and raves on Craigslist!

YELPing may help too! If they don’t black list you.

CALL AND COMPLAIN! Sign the STOP SFMTA petition and share it with your friends and fellow citizens who are fed up with the SFMTA.  All comments go directly to the recipients so let them know why you are signing.  Follow metermadness and watch for notices about street meetings protesting the SFMTA.

This is what SFMTA plans to do to Van Ness Avenue. The want to force traffic onto smaller side streets and slow us down. In the streetsblog article the SFMTA applauds itself for their success on Mission street, where they claimed they increased the bus time by 4% while increasing traffic congestion by 15-18%.

They plan to fix the traffic problem by making it worse! If we don’t stop them here and now they will continue to use tax payer dollars to torment us.

This is budget month. Tell City Hall to cut SFMTA’s budget and eliminate these programs. Demand they use the complete streets money to re-instate the bus lines they eliminated instead of re-designing streets.