The BART Saga Continues on Mission.

Good afternoon

The Mission Street saga just continues !!!!

In case you are unaware — beginning last evening, March 31 thru August 31, 2016, BART will be replacing the ventilation grates between 15th Street and 24th Street. If any of you were around during the building of BART, you may remember that six months at that time turned into three years or more  ….. anyway, for more explicit details about this new BART construction job, you may contact Ms. Molly Burke at BART – or by phone at 1-510-464-6172 or the contractor Thompson Builders Corp., Mr. Dan Giordani, Project Manager – 1-415-342-9357 or 1-415-827-7352 ….. I hope that the MMA membership has been notified.

It is surely going to be interesting ….


Thanks for the heads up.


One thought on “The BART Saga Continues on Mission.

  1. To add insult to injury BART is stong arming the public to pass a 5 Billion dollar bond that will increase our property taxes and rents! Hows that “transit first” policy working out for you San Francisco?


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