Zynga, Cisco shuttle providers kicked off of Muni’s curbs

By : sfexaminer – excerpt

A private shuttle provider for multiple tech companies including Zynga and Cisco may no longer use Muni bus stops and other public curb spaces, following continued violation of city provisions.

Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation, a tech shuttle provider, was denied a permit to use Muni bus stops and other public curb spaces this week following a public battle with the local Teamsters union.

That caused the company to run afoul of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s “Labor Harmony” provision, which was drafted by the agency and the Board of Supervisors last year.

Bauer’s also repeatedly violated terms of the Commuter Shuttle Pilot program, according to a letter from SFMTA to Bauer’s obtained by the San Francisco Examiner. The program was extended by the board in February.

“This is the type of company we don’t want operating on the streets,” said Rome Aloise, principal officer of Teamsters Local 853.

The labor harmony resolution “was designed to deal with people just like Bauer’s, a company which can’t follow the rules,” he said… (more)


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