Muni lines delayed due to equipment problem

By Eaminer Staff : sfexaminer – excerpt

An equipment problem led to delays on the N-Judah and J-Church Muni lines Tuesday morning, frustrating hundreds of riders in San Francisco.

Muni reported that both lines were delayed as of 7:50 a.m. because of an equipment problem at Duboce and Noe streets. Shuttles were deployed to provide service to riders on those lines.

Riders, however, faced crowded stops where the shuttles were implemented…(more)

Comment: The J doesn’t go through Duboce and Noe.

That explains a lot. The PR department (let’s hope it is not operations), doesn’t know which lines are effected. SF4sf has it right. We need a shift alright, away from this Board and this Director.

SF needs to hire a full time, 24/7 Public transportation Director who spend ZeroTime on bike paths, pedestrian crossings, and construction issues, preferably someone with a track record, if such a person exists


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