Plan to move ‘Google Bus’ shuttles to arterial streets hits roadblock

By : sfexaminer – excerpt

No matter where they roll, the infamous “Google buses” seem to draw controversy.

Plans to place private commuter shuttle stops on Dolores Street stalled Tuesday at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Board of Directors meeting after neighbors decried relocating the stop to that area.

But other relocations to commuter shuttle stops were approved — on 16th, Fell, Powell and Gough streets, for instance — because of prior-approved policy by the SFMTA to direct vehicles off of smaller streets.

And because the Supervisors didn’t show up to protest them.

SFMTA planners will instead conduct a monthlong study of moving the Dolores Street stops to nearby Guerrero Street, which has weight restrictions that would prohibit shuttles. However, the SFMTA will now study why those restrictions — instituted long ago — were created, and if they are still necessary.

More stops will need to change in future meetings as well, said Tom Maguire, a planner at SFMTA.

Many neighbors from Dolores Street came out to oppose a new shuttle stop on their block, which Supervisor Scott Wiener and others alleged would create a sea of these gleaming white buses…

Wait a minute. Isnt’ that the argument the people opposing the tech buses have been using agaisnt them? It is ok for some streets to have a sea of buses but not Dolores? Is this a NIMBY comment by an anti-NIMBY?

“I think the overarching issue is safety,” said John Giordano, a neighbor who lives on Dolores Street. He noted the SFMTA should study Dolores Street for weight restrictions similar to Guerrero Street, because Dolores Street has steeper grades, unprotected crosswalks without stoplights, and narrower lanes.

Not steeper than the streets in Noe Valley where the buses get stuck and can’t turn.

Supervisor Scott Wiener scolded the SFMTA board, telling them that outcry from neighbors is a direct result of tech shuttle opponents sweeping shuttles off narrower streets.


“There was a lot of pushback that they should only be on arterials,” Wiener told the San Francisco Examiner. Restricting shuttles to arterials, he said, “means an enormous number of shuttles is on the arterials, instead of dispersing the shuttles” throughout the neighborhoods.

Wiener alleged as many as 55 commuter shuttles per hour would stream down Dolores Street if the plan were approved, instead of throughout the neighborhood… (more)

Comments at the source are strongly encouraged. Be sure to read a few so you can enjoy the irony of who is complaining now about tech buses.



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