SFMTA Approves Controversial Twin Peaks Car Ban

Almost two years after it was proposed, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has made a decision to ban cars from one side of Twin Peaks, following a contentious meeting Tuesday.

As previously reported, roads on the east side of Twin Peaks — the side facing downtown — will become a pedestrian and cyclist-only street. The one-way west side will be turned into a two-way road, to be shared by private vehicles and, of course, tour buses. (You can see the full brief on the project here.)

“Twin Peaks is not only an important tourist destination, but an important recreation destination and an important natural resource,” Recreation and Park General Manager Phil Ginsburg said when the proposal was announced last month. The ban “increases the recreational accessibility of the area and makes it safer for bicyclists and pedestrians,” he said.

Despite the rosy picture painted by Ginsberg, some were up in arms at yesterday’s SFMTA Board meeting, the Ex reports, quoting “technology worker and Twin Peaks cyclist” Jeffrey Perrone as telling Board members that “‘A tight blind curve’ on the west side of the north peak would become more fraught for cyclists.”

This isn’t the first time Perrone has spoken against the proposal: Back in March, the Chron included him in their coverage of the proposal:

Glen Park resident Jeff Perrone, who regularly rides his bike on Twin Peaks, fears that cars will clog the west-facing road and make life perilous for cyclists and anyone trying to cross the road on foot.

“This will be much more dangerous,” said Perrone, who has been trying to mobilize public opposition to the plan. “It sounds good in theory … but it’s a bad idea.”…

At the meeting, SFMTA Board Director and Vice Chairman Cheryl Brinkman told those opposed to the program, called the “Twin Peaks Figure 8 Redesign Project,” that the changes were “only” a pilot — albeit, one that will last for two years, from June 1 to May 31, 2018.

“I hear the input of the people opposed to it, I ask that you give it a chance,” Brinkman said.

“Let’s give it a try, there is just such a desire in this city for car free space so people can just look at the view.”

Did she really say that? How many cyclists are going to cycle up that hill? And how many people who cannot walk or bike will be kept from the view? Before everyone had an equal opportunity, now, only cyclists and pedestrians can appreciate it. Isn’t this discrimination?



One thought on “SFMTA Approves Controversial Twin Peaks Car Ban

  1. Someone needs to explain how the word “ban” coralates with “increasing accessibility”. A posted signs displaying “road closed” “no cars” “no bikes” “do not enter” fucking means no access. So they’re increasing accessibility by making it only accessible for pedestrians and byciclelist. Sounds more like limiting access. Not only is this discrimination but an ADA lawsuit as well.

    As far as making anything “safer” that’s another bullshit line as if to say “the greater good”. No greater good comes out of anything the Sfmta. It’s not like they are improving the entry, exits, or a crosswalk, a corner or adding lights or anything like that. Banning cars or adding a bike lane to busy streets across the city does nothing for safety. It’s called idiots that believe this crap with bad habits causing unsafe streets. Bikers,drivers, and walkers. I have two balls….. I wonder how much it would cost to paint my left one a green bike lane and my right one a red bus only lane? I should look into that. Safer sex right?


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