Public Works to crack down on illegal Chariot signs

By sfexaminer – excerpt

Sandwich boards stationed at sidewalks across San Francisco by shuttle company Chariot are illegal and must be removed.

That’s according to the San Francisco Department of Public Works, which after inquiries from the San Francisco Examiner said dozens of such boards across The City placed by Chariot are unpermitted.

“Chariot has no permits with us for A-Frames,” said Rachel Gordon, a spokesperson for Public Works. A-Frames are the technical term for sandwich boards.

After the Examiner’s inquiry, Gordon said the agency has sent out an inspector to investigate the boards. She added, “We’ll send a corrective order,” about one of the boards on Pine Street downtown.

But Chariot has many more boards erected every morning in neighborhoods all over San Francisco, and those may also be illegal, according to Public Works.

Gordon said the fine for erecting these boards unpermitted is $300, and Chariot could be fined individually for every board it has on city streets.

Beyond the sandwich boards, one city resident, Sue Vaughan, who also serves on the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Citizens Advisory Committee, said Chariot repeatedly violates parking zones and public bus-only lanes… (more)


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