Small Business Commission Meeting

Email notice from the Small Business Commission:

Monday, May 9, 5:30 PM – agenda
City Hall Room 400 Small Business Commission Meeting
with SFMTA presenting. They want merchant feedback. Let’s give them feedback.

Dear business leaders:
key agenda items for Monday’s meeting highlights:

Presentation San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA)  This is the first of what will be the regularly schedule presentations every two months at the small business commission.  One of the key objectives is for the Commission to review projects from the small business lens and allow the business community to weight in an official environment.   It is important for the Commission to hear from the business community around the projects that affect your business and business areas.   

Candace Sue, Communications Director – Overview of Agency and Projects
Deanna Desedas, Public Outreach & Engagement Manager
Craig Raphael and Sophia Forde – 5 Capital Improvement Program
Mari Hunter – Lombard Street Improvement Project
Sean Kennedy – 14 Mission Street Rapid Project
Kathryn Studwell – RPP / Residential Parking Permits



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