Unnoticed NON-Permitted Sidewalk Work Spotted on Lombard

Sent by a resident on Lombard

IMG_1131    IMG_1134

Today signs were posted in front of our property stating that this will be a tow away zone for the next 30 days. The sign is a Department of Public Works sign. This is the work I emailed the supervisor’s aide about a week ago.

So, today I call the DPW to find out what is going on out there. The “mystery workers” have covered the sidewalk with white and green lines and dots, they have made cuts in the sidewalk around the parking meter, along the building wall and around the PGE boxes on the sidewalk. As if the sidewalk is to be removed. I sent them a photo of the signage.

Drum roll: The DPW has NO PERMITS on record for this project. The person I talked to, Sid Lezama, said that the signs are not the current signs used by the DPW; in fact he said they were false signs. He has nothing in the computer for the work being done. He suggested I call 311, tell them about it and make a formal complaint.

So I did. Guess what? It is TOTALLY ILLEGAL to work on any sidewalk in SF without first notifying the property owners in the area. Obviously that never happened. She registered a formal complaint which will go back to DPW. Then Sid said they can investigate what is going on from there. They are going to call us with the information once found.

This smells like the SFMTA to us! The aide sure knew about this project when she replied to my email, didn’t she? And yet the project was never permitted by the DPW, which is required, and no one there knows anything about it!

The work is supposedly going to begin TOMORROW!!

We will keep you posted, but everyone should be aware of the regulations here and watchdog any project in their neighborhood that even smacks of the City. Make sure permits are in place and that property owners have been properly notified.

Sid’s phone number at the permit department of the DPW is 415-554-5824;
to reach the 311 person you can also phone 415-701-2311.

Feel free to forward to other neighborhood groups. Maybe we can red tag the City’s own projects!!

– Concerned Citizen

Use the Mayor’s new 311 system that goes directly into the record and gives you a case number that you can use to check up on the progress being made on your complaint.


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