Support Prop “L” the SFMTA Charter Amendment on the November Ballot

Let City Hall know you are fed up with the SFMTA.
Support Prop L – MTA Board Appointments and Budget

The amendment will split the MTA Board appointments between the Mayor and the Supervisors, 4 to 3 and lower the requirement to reject the SFMTA’s budget from 7 to 6 supervisors, putting the SFMTA management in line with other city departments, and making it easier for the Board of Supervisors to respond faster to voter requests. Contract approvals will still require a majority vote of the Board of Supervisors.
Link to legislation File No. 160389

Supervisor Yee was joined by Supervisors Campos, Mar, Kim, Avalos and Peskin to put this on the ballot. Yee’s statment and a sample letter to the supervisors

They work for us. We don’t work for them.  The SFMTA is the one that needs to shift policies and goals, not the residents. San Francisco needs a transportation system that works today, not a plan for the future. We need a Board who listens to the public not one that dictates to us. Taking seats out of buses and removing bus stops will not help our aging population take public transportation.

3 thoughts on “Support Prop “L” the SFMTA Charter Amendment on the November Ballot

  1. To stop the Sfmta is to stop vision zero. Something that is not city policy which tax money is being spent unapproved the cause of everything under the disguise of “safety”. Again they are using that “for the greater good” excuse for everything they do. Create a prop for that and you complex stop the Sfmta. Those red bus lanes have nothing to do with speeding up muni. Take mission street. Right lane autos left lane bus. Why? And why ban left turns? Look at Geary at downtown. Why didn’t they make it like that? Bus lane on the right and autos allowed in the red lane for right turns with no left turn restrictions? Although prop L is a good thing. It does not stop the real cause which is vision zero.


  2. First step to reduce the power of the centralized government situation we are in now. There are a number of ballot initiatives that allow voters to decide on the power issue. This is one of them. It is most important for voters to support this position if they want to take back their city.


    • I am with you on that 100%. I’m just not sure that’s going to work considering their track record. SF sups look for any photo op on a bike. The mission district is ready to murder people over the bus lanes campos makes one speech an interview and goes silent. Try Masonic ace… Silence again. Van ness brt, silence again. What the Sfmta is trying to do on Lombard silence again. How about the main supervisor that introduced the bill? He hasn’t said a fucking word. It actually may get worse giving them the wrong power. It may sound like the power will be in the hands of the citizens but they don’t listen to us anyway. Not one sup has stood up and said anything negative or in a staunch manor against the Sfmta. So far the sups and Sfmta are idiots and pretty much a lie. ill still believe stopping vision zero is the way to go. If not making it law that the Sfmta can’t do major projects without public vote only then is it in our hands.

      If passed I hope this bill works. Who knows.


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