Our Sad-Sack SFMTA has a New Approach to the Evening Rush Hour – Will It Make Unpopular Mayor Ed Lee Less Unpopular?

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Here you go, this is the former approach, AFAICS. The SFMTA would time the lights* on Bush so that many people attempting to cross Sansome during the Evening Drive would end up Blocking the Box of the intersection. Then a PCO would record license plates to issue three tickets in one signal cycle. It looked like this:


Fish in a Barrel: This SFMTA PCO Can Hand Out Multiple $105 “Block the Box” Tickets in One Minute.

Of course, the SFMTA could jigger the lights around the neighborhood of Bush and Sansome in a more efficient way, but then this meter maid wouldn’t be able to park her Cushman and then stand in the intersection to generate so many tickets that she has trouble with all the receipt tape she’s generating. See?… (more)

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This is one of the techniques the SFMTA uses to harass drivers. There is no excuse for the traffic gridlock they are creating by messing with the timing on the traffic lights. They can alter them at will. We are told that one of the few things the SFMTA staff can do without a SFMAT Board vote is to change the timing on the traffic lights. A lot of people who care about this subject should show up and demand that the timing is changed.