SF Budget: Better Muni and Vision Zero…But November Tax Has to Pass

by : sf.streetsblog – excerpt

San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee released his 455-page budget proposal on Tuesday. It includes $9.6 billion in fiscal year 2016-17  for transportation, police officers, and street cleaning, a $700 million increase in funds. The fiscal year runs from July 1 of this year until June 30 of next year.

The transportation section runs from pages 315 to 322–here are some highlights:

The proposed budget includes an additional $15 million in FY 2016-17 and $62.2 million in FY 2017-18 in new transportation funding. Once fully implemented in FY 2017-18, these investments will provide $28.7 million for Muni fleet, infrastructure upgrades, and transit optimization, $9.6 million for equity and affordability initiatives, $14.3 million to support regional transit projects and fleet needs, and $9.6 million to fully fund street safety projects that are consistent with the City’s Vision Zero policy.

Lee was presenting the budget as a step forward for the city’s transit programs and safety initiatives.

“The result is the SFMTA’s first-ever $1 billion operating budget to improve transit performance and reliability. The SFMTA operates the nation’s eighth largest public transit system and it serves every neighborhood,” said Lee in his Proposed Balanced Budget Speech, on Tuesday…

The ability to grow the budget is due to the strong economy. However, the mayor’s proposal also depends on a sales tax increase to balance the budget. “It is budgeted on the assumption that a half-cent tax for transportation will pass this November,” said Wiener. “It includes $105 million a year for roads, Muni, capital investment, support for BART vehicles, and for street safety improvements.”

An increase in sales taxes as they are removing bus stops and bus seats is the biggest insult so far to the Muni riders. If this is SFMTA’s idea of a friendly Muni I hate to think what their idea of an unfriendly Muni looks like.

Removing bus stops was bad enough because people are forced to walk longer distances carrying carrying their packages than they were previously. Now they are forced to walk longer distances carrying loads and then stand for long periods of time with their packages, on moving vehicles? And they want to charge extra for using cash to pay to ride the Muni. Where do they stop harassing us?


This is a model BART car with a single seat on one side and a double of the other.

This is not right. This is why we need to pass the Charter Amendment and replace the MTA Board with people who understand the needs of human beings.
Write your supervisors. Sample letters are here: https://discoveryink.wordpress.com/letters-and-comments/3318-2/


1 thought on “SF Budget: Better Muni and Vision Zero…But November Tax Has to Pass

  1. We also need to stop voting for transportation funding. Every single funding bill or prop for transportation included the words “for roads” , “fixing pot holes”. They haven’t fixed anything. They’ve only painted bright red and green colors over those pot holes. They have have however made a few roads look good by simply painting a thin layer of tar over them. None of the two-three inch scrapping of any pavement with new pavement laid thereafter has been done as required.
    The keep asking for funding and then hold on tight to the money saving it for projects like Masonic, van ness ave, future redesign of 16th st etc.

    Scrapping vision zero is what needs to happen. Road diets, bulb outs , colorful streets and slippery cross walks won’t ever stop people’s bad habits. Timing of the lights , more lit up streets things like that would help. Also instead of having dpt writing block the box tickets during commute hours they should go back to controlling traffic on certain intersections like they use to.

    This vision zero crap is under the disguise of “safety” which is a word used in this city way way too loosely as if to say “the greater good”. These wasted improvements have accomplished nothing. They cause triple worse, have a serious effect on small businesses, have a serious effect on emergency response times, and remove parking spaces as if to say parked cars are so dangerous that people get hit/killed by parked cars. Yet people still jay walk, run through red lights and muni is still slow.

    I don’t see why Sfmta is not taken to court for inappropriate use of funds. They’re not using the funding for what they said they’d use it for. What happened to speeding up muni by 80%? They took that money for green and red paint and redesign of streets.

    I wouldn’t rely on that Sfmta amendment as the BOS and SFMTA are pretty much two asses in the same underwear.


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