‘San Francisco’s customer-focused model driving down traffic’

by Deniz Huseyin : transportxtra – excerpt]

A multi-modal app-driven approach to transport in San Francisco has led to a dramatic fall in car usage in the US city, according to Timothy Papandreou, chief innovation officer and director at San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA).

Speaking at the Imagine Festival in Milton Keynes on Tuesday, Papandreou said that SFMTA had set itself the target of reducing car use from 60% to 50% of miles travelled by 2018. But thanks to a range of ‘connectivity’ measures it achieved the target three years early, he reported.

The SFMTA  oversees the city’s Municipal Railway (Muni), parking and traffic, cycling, walking and taxis.

We are paying SFMTA to oversee walking now ? Walking should be free.

“People are driving less than their parents, and a new generation of young adults are far less likely to buy a car than their older peers,” said Papandreou.

“The next few years we will see the introduction of connected and automated technology into passenger and commercial deliveries that will add even more potential for the shift away from car ownership in cities. These will be even more disruptive than the current sharing economy options and will drive the price of travel even lower.”

Red routes for buses have been rolled out across the city, as well as green routes for cyclists, which are “validating bike space”… (more)

A little research into TransportXtra tells us that this is part of Landor LINKS a United Kingdom company. What this article does not mention is the additional commuters who are now driving into the city who once lived here and took the Muni to work. The car count has not really gone down. We also have a lot of Uber and Lyft drivers commuting in to work in San Francisco.

What this also fails to mention is that the private vehicle drivers are paying most of the ticket cost for Muni riders, and as that number diminished, the costs of the Muni tickets are going up. We won’t even go into the part Muni management plays in spreading these stories, other than to say the spend a lot on PR.


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