Muni buses to get air conditioning for first time

By : sfexminer – excerpt

Muni is about to get a whole lot cooler.

San Francisco’s bus fleet is set to get what some might consider an odd upgrade for The City’s foggy climate: air conditioning. Come 2018, most of Muni’s fleet will see air conditioning installed after bus operators expressed comfort concerns.

“Sounding like Mark Twain, the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco,” said John Haley, director of transit at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. While many sources argue Twain never actually said this, it does illustrate the reasoning behind the decades-long lack of air conditioning.

Haley announced the move in an email to all SFMTA transit staff Wednesday, which was provided to the San Francisco Examiner.

In the letter, Haley said operators voiced a need for air conditioning in an open forum a few months ago… (more)

I have an air-conditioned car and I think I may use it twice a year in SF. Don’t they have windows that open? Air conditioners cost more to run, and as someone pointed out, the opening doors will let all the “cool” out. Looks like Muni has money to burn, so we don’t need to support their sales tax increase. Between painting over potholes instead of repairing them, moving bus stops around like a shell game, and putting air conditioners on buses, I’d say the SFMTA Board of Directors is out to lunch and in over their heads. Time to “shift” them out and their “out-dated” priorities and policies out of City Hall.


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