Muni takes steps to reduce surge in bus crashes

By Jerold Chinn : sfbay – excerpt

Muni officials are taking steps to decrease the number of bus and light-rail collisions with private vehicles and objects on San Francisco streets.

During the last five months, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has seen a decrease in light-rail collisions. Bus collisions, though, are trending upward, according to data obtained from the transit agency by SFBay.

In February, the SFMTA reported that 113 buses either collided with another private vehicle or by hitting an object such as a pole or a transit shelter. In June, that number increased to 173 collisions, the SFMTA reports…

Some of the hotspots for vehicle collisions included Mission and Main streets, Fourth and Townsend streets, and along Third Street…

Check out the video on Third Street if you haven’t experienced it yet for yourself. This the worst, least safe street alteration we have seen. Try it in the rain for a real treat.

Buses Versus Fixed Objects

Objects such as poles and transit shelters are also getting in the way of Muni buses. Transit officials said they analyzed the data to find out where the most fixed object collisions occurred and to see with which objects Muni vehicles were likely to collide… (more)

The collisions wouldn’t have anything to do with the narrow lanes they are imposing on all the streets or the insane twists and turns they have introduced on all the formerly straight lanes with the insane idea that the streets would be “calmer” and safer for pedestrians because the “cars” would have to drive slower?  Someone should also inform the SFMTA geniuses that a certain percentage of the population is color blind so their pretty red and green streets look gray and mean nothing to those people. Maybe they should get some Muni drivers and emergency transit people involved in the street alterations since they are ones who have to drive on them. Don’t even get me started on the paint over potholes on Mission Street. There is only one answer to solving the problems described in this article. Fire the the people who are responsible and support the SFMTA Charter Amendment to bring some sanity into this insane department. Get all the details on


One thought on “Muni takes steps to reduce surge in bus crashes

  1. What they will probably do is creat some sort of barrier making streets way more narrow again making it more difficult on cars, trucks, and emergencies vehicles to get around kind of like 3rd st in the bay view. They’ll find some way to blame it on the auto and say something along the lines of “we want our passengers to be safe”. While in the meantime doing nothing about breaking people’s bad habit of not paying attention and not speeding up muni. Small businesses suffer with deliveries, citizens suffering as an emergency vehicle cannot get to them if need be which is way more important then a dumb street design.

    I like your statement of the color blind. That reason is exactly why originally “licensed engineers” and not some genius playing sim city originally made bus only lanes black and white and they actually fixed the street before painting it.

    My opinion. The way I see it this stuff will continue until we force ourselves into organizing some heavy hitters like automobile companies, oil companies, distribution companies, fire department and police. Sure the big companies are the evil ones but a temporary alignment wouldn’t hurt considering they have all the money which can be used in a fight. They wouldn’t want to lose auto sales and gas sales right? Better to use the bully to our advantage. Just a thought.


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