Squabbling Supes send SFMTA board battle to voters

By Jerold Chinn : sfbay – excerpt

San Francisco voters this November will get to decide if the mayor and the Board of Supervisors should split the responsibility of making appointments onto the City’s transportation agency’s board.

Supervisors on Tuesday voted 6-5 to place the charter amendment onto the ballot, which would allow the mayor to appoint four members of the Municipal Transportation Agency’s Board of Directors while supervisors would get to appoint three members.

The measure would also change the threshold from seven to six on the number of supervisors it would take to reject the transit agency’s budget.

Supervisors Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell, Malia Cohen and London Breed voted against the charter amendment… (more)

Considering that San Francisco used to be the “City that knows How”, we certainly forgot how to manage the flow of traffic. Under the current regime of the SFMTA San Francisco went from the easiest to travel around in city to the 3rd worst traffic city in the US. We can do better. Thanks to the Supervisors who are giving us a chance to prove it.


One thought on “Squabbling Supes send SFMTA board battle to voters

  1. Highly doubt supervisors appointing anybody to the Sfmta would change things. They will only appoint the same people if not worse. Although I like the warriors coming here look at the location they approved. Better traffic flow right? How about wanting to tear down 280? Useless central subway? They have also been silent on most of the stuff. Anything under “appointed” is based on a few opinions and not what that person would and would not do. The way I see it is that if the supes will be allowed to appoint people to the Sfmta at the very least the head of the Sfmta should be voted in.


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