SFMTA Releases Final Proposal For Upper Market Street Safety Project


On Thursday, the SFMTA released its final project proposal for the Upper Market Street Safety Project, which aims to increase safety and comfort for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers alike on Upper Market Street between Octavia Boulevard and Castro Street. The project has been a long time coming, after months of meetings, presentations and most recently, an open house in May(more)

Traffic moved for decades without much trouble. Why is it such a dilemma now? Could it be the wrong people are in charge of it as has been suggested by a lot of people? Time for a change in personnel.

The fastest way to make the streets safer is to hire a new traffic light manager who knows how to move traffic. Left turn signals are a good start. Longer yellow lights would also help. In November the voters will get to voice their opinion on the red street carpets.

If the reaction to the Mission Street mess is any indication, they will vote the red carpet masters down.