Your Muni Fast Pass Will Cost More Next Month

f you’re someone who uses a monthly pass to ride Muni, you’ll be digging just a little deeper to pay for it next month. Not a lot deeper, but deeper, nonetheless.

The increase, which ranges between one and three dollars dependent on the pass, was decided back in April when the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency board approved their two-year budget, a post on the SFMTA’s blog reminds us. Part of that budget included upping the price of almost all monthly passes, thusly:


“While nobody loves to pay more, fares must keep pace with rising costs and inflation,” the SFMTA acknowledges. And with an anticipated $13.5 million budget shortfall in 2017 and a predicted $14.3 million shortfall in 2018, Muni certainly knows about rising costs!… (more)

What happened to the idea of the day rate or the ability to purchase usable at any time tickets instead of the monthly rate? MTA CAC suggested that a long time ago. Muni gets their money up front and occasional riders don’t lose money. BART uses that method. Muni seems to enjoy ripping as many people off as they can.

Chariot, an alternative to Muni for your downtown/SOMA commute

from Potrero Hill : nextdoor – excerpt

Hi neighbors. If you commute to downtown or SOMA, you might be interested in signing up for Chariot (those blue vans all around town). The route runs along much of the same line as the 10 Townsend but with minimal stops. What’s great about Chariot is that you can reserve a seat in the van, and the price is only $3-5 each way. Plus you can use your commuter benefits, so it’s a win-win.

They still need 49 more people to sign up for the Potrero Pronto line in order to put it into circulation, which is why I’m posting about it here. You can learn more and sign up at…

Comment from next door… “This is what’s on Next Door Potrero Hill and I’m seeing more and more of the Chariots around town like the two filling up at the 76 where I see the UCSF transport fill up… When I asked if property values were increasing in Wyoming (because I know they are increasing just like here near Jackson Hole), I was told me that there may be transportation created to connect her area to the Jackson Hole airport. I think there is a boom in private transportation.  People are willing to pay for it.  $30.00 to $50.00 / week. Up to $200/mo or $2400 per year as opposed to Muni/Bart card ($120/mo?). SFMTA/Muni are losing customers and revenue… And it was a 7/11 24hour store who delivered the first coffee and diapers? by drone about a month ago…Is the SFMTA obsolete? Is their interpretation of all these changes wrong? Shouldn’t public transportation MUNI be a separate department from roads and parking? Is the SFMTA too big?

IS SFMTA OBSOLETE? Not until voters CUT OFF THE FUNDS and change the balance of power by supporting the SFMTA Charter Amendment on the November ballot. Details here:

There is no way the SFMTA can compete with the comfort and efficiency of the private shuttles and maybe they should not bother. Muni is the cheap alternative cattle ride for the public that has no other option but standing room only crowded buses. This is the third world system – three public transportation options at three different price points for getting around. All we need to make the system complete is a return of the jitney.